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Thank you for visiting!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sleeping Around: Adventures in Narcolepsy and other mutinies of the brain

How does your brain let you down?

Come on, you know the feeling: You're sitting for an exam and you know you know the answer to that question. Heck, it's even a "gimme" question: free points to even the dumbest dodo in the class-easy! But try as you might, you can not force that elusive answer into focus. (Curse you, O-Chem!)

Or: what is that word? You feel like it's right "on the tip of your tongue", even as it digs itself deeper into some quiescent, hidden corner of you your brain. No amount of excavating reveals that nugget you seek.

My brain lets me down in these, and other ways, all the time.


It's OK to let it out. You know you want to. All together then: "Duh, Trish. Talk about stating the obvious!" (Especially if you happen to be my old O-Chem professor)

But I digress. I didn't intend to mislead you, but this first post isn't really about my brain. It's about my husband's. You see, Matt's brain has truly mutinied. Turned traitor. Let him and all those who love him way, way down.

I promise: there's more to come. Hopefully a lot more as we explore some of the ways that our brains let us down. And how we sometimes manage to thrive, even so.

Let me leave you with this:
I make my husband sick.

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