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Thank you for visiting!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Puzzle pieces... On hold

Hi there. I am sorry to leave all y'all hanging yet again, but the responsibilities of a daughter's life are trumping those of a blogger's craft at the moment. I'm still in California, caring for my Dad for another week, and I don't anticipate much of an opportunity to write and post anything worthy of your time.

I'm trying to keep you minimally updated via my I-pad, but it is a much better tool for game playing (Scrabble, anyone?) than for writing. And I really want to share some more of the science of the brain with you next time, so I need access to my PDF library on my computer.

So please be patient with me: more very cool info to follow, hopefully by the end of next week. Andvin the interim, if I have the opportunity, I'll check in here.

I am sure to have cute grandchild stories if nothing else ;0)

Now I need to figure out how to share more pictures with you. I soooo miss my computer, and my live-in tech expert!

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  1. Hey thanks, For all your info here. Ben - Also I would heartily answer yes to that scrabble game! esp. if the conversation could include your experience download for my cataplectic angsties!


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