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Monday, February 9, 2015

small challenges

Just a quick note today.

We are anticipating a visit with our son, his wife, and their adorable little one, Cecelia. I'm very excited that we will have them here for several days, and looking forward to it very much! I'm sure we will have fun times and great meals together (Joseph is a chef and his wife Denae is quite a good cook also!).

However, there is always some tension leading up to a visit from the kids and grandkids. I stress a bit because I know that having additional people he loves in the house is really hard for Matt. And having the little ones around tends to cause him to go into status cataplecticus -- really long attacks of cataplexy.

He will, due to these horrible health consequences spend almost all of the time that the kids are here hiding out in our bedroom. Working when he can, resting when he can't.

I hate that Matt can't relax and enjoy watching our adorable little Cece toddle around and chase the dog. I hate that he will probably not be able to share a meal with all of us while Joe and Denae are visiting. I hate that he will very likely miss getting to join us for a day trip.

I hate narcolepsy.

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  1. I also have narcolepsy with cataplexy. It really sucks sometimes. I have a question. When your husband has one of these episodes, can you touch him and bring him out of it? If someone is with me when it happens, I can usually come out of it if they shake me a little or move some party of my body like an arm or leg.


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