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Thank you for visiting!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

They're (almost) here!

We are expecting Joe, Denae and Cece to arrive tomorrow afternoon. I am so excited that they are going to stay with us for nearly a week!!

I do feel bad, however, that this is going to be very hard on Matt. The last time we had family stay here, Matt had such a tough time that he only managed to be present with us for part of one meal. The rest of the time he was either sleeping or cataplectic or trying to avoid falling asleep or having an attack of cataplexy.

Feelings of love, tenderness or happiness trigger Matt's worse attacks. The stronger or more frequent the emotion, the more debilitating the attacks are. Think of the feeling you have when you get to spend time with someone whom you love very much, who you have not seen for ages. That feeling (which I am anticipating having in spades tomorrow!) quite literally paralyzes Matt. He starts to feel weak and then he completely unable to move -- he can not move, speak, ore even open his eyes!

This visit is going to be very difficult for him. I am hopeful he will be able to spend a little time with Joe and Denae. And it would be so wonderful if he could enjoy time with adorable little Cecelia.

I can't wait to see her sweet face!

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